January 23


5 Proven Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Aesthetic Clinic

By Oliver Corless

January 23, 2024


Growing your patient base is vital to any aesthetic clinic’s success. While word-of-mouth and existing patients are invaluable, you need proactive strategies to reach new demographics in your area. Use these proven tactics to boost awareness and attract more patients to your aesthetic practice.


  1. Leverage Targeted Social Media Marketing

Run Facebook and Instagram ads showcasing your best procedures and treatments to target local audiences. Promote free consultations and limited-time offers. Use before/after photos and high-quality images. Track conversions to refine effective ads. Create ads showcasing your best procedures and offerings to target specific local audiences. Use appealing before/after photos and high-quality images.

  1. Spotlight Your Expertise with Content

Publish educational blogs, FAQs, guides, and patient stories on your website to build trust and establish your clinic as an authority. Share visual content like infographics and videos that provide value. Promote this content through email newsletters, social media, and search ads. SEO optimises all content to boost rankings and attract new visitors from search traffic. 

  1. Optimise Your Online Listings

Completely fill out and enhance your profiles on platforms like Google My Business, RealSelf, RateMDs, and others. Include detailed services, credentials, photos, and booking links. Prompt patients to leave verified reviews to build credibility. Keep all information updated across listings. Optimised profiles establish visibility and credibility.

  1. Network Locally and Foster Referrals

Connect at relevant trade shows, conferences, and community events to meet potential partners and referral sources. To foster lasting referral relationships, offer professional courtesy discounts to local providers like dermatologists, dentists, and salons. Give referral rewards to happy patients for spreading the word. 

  1. Create Excitement with Promotions

Limited-time sales, contests, giveaways and other special offers entice new patients to your clinic. Offer discounts on first treatments or products to get them in the door. Promote offers through direct mailers, flyers, email lists, and social media. Capture contact info for future marketing. 


Consistently implementing these tactics expands your aesthetic clinic’s visibility and patient base. Identify your target demographics and craft campaigns that resonate. Identify your target demographics and craft integrated campaigns across channels that resonate. With intelligent, creative marketing, you can continually attract new patients and drive sustainable growth for your aesthetic practice.

Oliver Corless

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