January 10


HighLevel & LeadConnector Mobile App – v3.64

By David Holland

January 10, 2024

Appointments now support Class and Collective Calendar integration. The mobile app now supports Google SignIn. Live chat messages can now be accessed in the mobile app. The mobile app supports WhatsApp templates with custom value variables. The update brings a seamless audio player integration. Standalone tasks can be created and assigned to team members. The message channels switcher UI has been improved. Contact copy functionality has been improved. Bug fixes have been made, including fixing issues with the deal lifecycle stages FunnelChart Overflow, file upload in Opportunity, caller name visibility in inbound call notifications, incorrect sender name in email threads, missing country code in outbound calls, search functionality in conversations, incorrect French translations, bulk conversation deletion, and a typo in the “No appointment available for contact” message.

David Holland

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