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How GoEXELA Software is Revolutionising Instagram Marketing for Aesthetic Clinics

By Oliver Corless

January 23, 2024

The aesthetic industry has rapidly grown over the past few decades, fuelled in part by social media platforms like Instagram. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has become a key marketing tool for many businesses. However, aesthetic clinics face unique challenges when it comes to setting up effective Instagram campaigns that can boost their business growth.

Thankfully, GoEXELA Software offers a solution to this problem. Through ready-made Instagram ad templates and an intuitive setup process, GoEXELA Software delivers consistent, proven results and makes it easy for clinics to capture their audience’s attention. In this post, we will explore the challenges that aesthetic clinics face in marketing on Instagram, how GoEXELA Software can help, and the benefits of its revolutionary approach to Instagram campaigns.

1. The Challenges of Instagram Marketing for Aesthetic Clinics

While Instagram can be a powerful platform for aesthetic clinics to showcase their services to potential clients, it can also be a daunting challenge to navigate. One of the most significant challenges is creating visually appealing content that captures a potential client’s attention. Aesthetic clinics need to stand out from the competition, showcase their services, and build a strong brand identity.

Another challenge is targeting the right people. Instagram has a vast user base, making it difficult for clinics to find their ideal audience. With so much competition, it is essential to connect with the right people to maximize engagement and lead generation. Lastly, creating effective call-to-actions that convert leads into paying clients is difficult. This is where GoEXELA Software comes in.

2. How GoEXELA Software Can Help

GoEXELA Software has created ready-made Instagram ad templates that are specifically designed for aesthetic clinics. These templates are pre-designed and high-converting and allow clinics to create beautiful and effective Instagram campaigns in seconds.

GoEXELA Software’s intuitive setup process helps clinics to target the right people, leveraging artificial intelligence technology to identify users who are most likely to convert into paying clients. With GoEXELA Software, clinics can create custom audiences based on location, interests, behaviours, and other demographic data.

GoEXELA Software’s call-to-action buttons are also designed to be highly effective, converting leads into paying clients. With the “Book now” or “Call now” buttons, the software ensures that potential clients can quickly and easily take the next steps towards booking a service.

3. The Benefits of Using GoEXELA Software for Instagram Campaigns

There are numerous benefits to using GoEXELA Software for Instagram campaigns. Firstly, aesthetic clinics can save time and resources with customisable, ready-made templates that are proven to be high-converting. GoEXELA Software also provides an easy-to-use interface that allows clinics to quickly set up and manage their campaigns.

Secondly, GoEXELA Software delivers consistent and measurable results. With its advanced analytics and reporting features, clinics can see how their campaigns are performing in real time. The software allows for easy optimisation based on performance metrics.

Lastly, GoEXELA Software provides unparalleled support and training to clinics. With its dedicated support team and an extensive knowledge base filled with resources and tutorials, clinics can rest easy knowing they have the support they need to succeed in their Instagram campaigns.


GoEXELA Software is a game-changer for aesthetic clinics that want to scale their business on Instagram. Its ready-made Instagram ad templates, intuitive setup process, and advanced analytics tools make it easy for clinics to create effective Instagram campaigns that deliver consistent, measurable results.

With GoEXELA Software, aesthetic clinics can save time and resources while still creating beautiful, high-converting Instagram campaigns. The software ensures that clinics can attract the right audience, provide effective call-to-actions, and convert leads into paying clients.

If you’re an aesthetic clinic owner looking to maximize your Instagram marketing efforts, GoEXELA Software is the solution you need.

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