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How to Increase Revenue by Reconnecting with Lapsed Patients

By Oliver Corless

January 23, 2024

As an aesthetic clinic owner, you know that attracting new clients is crucial for growth, but have you ever considered the potential value of lapsed patients? Many clinic owners neglect to reconnect with patients who have not visited in a while, missing out on a valuable source of income. Fortunately, GoEXELA offers an easy solution to communicate with these lapsed patients through email, SMS, or messenger and incentivise their return. In this blog post, we will explore how to increase revenue by reconnecting with lapsed patients.

Identify Lapsed Patients:

Before reaching out to lapsed patients, it’s important to identify who they are. GoEXELA offers a simple way to search for lapsed patients; these are individuals who have not visited your clinic for a certain period. You can customize this timeframe to suit your particular clinic, perhaps three, six, or twelve months without a visit. Once you have identified your lapsed patients, you can begin reconnecting with them through various communication channels.

Send Personalized Messages:

To entice lapsed patients to return to your clinic, send personalized messages that offer special deals, discounts, or treatments. Personalized messages can grab the attention of your lapsed patients and make them feel valued. Use the lapsed patient’s name and include details about their previous visits, such as the treatments they received. By doing so, you make the communication feel less like a sales pitch and more like a genuine gesture to reconnect.

Avoid Being Pushy:

Avoid being pushy or aggressive in your communication with lapsed patients. The purpose of reaching out is to reconnect and remind them of your clinic, not to pressure them to return. Instead, focus on building a relationship and showing them the benefits of returning to your clinic. Provide them with helpful information about your clinic and treatments and remind them of the results they achieved in the past.

Follow-up Regularly:

After sending your initial message to lapsed patients, it’s important to follow up regularly. Add lapsed patients to your email list to connect with them regularly, perhaps through monthly newsletters or offering them special deals on popular treatments. By keeping them engaged with regular follow-ups, you increase the likelihood of them choosing your clinic when they’re ready to book their next appointment.


Reconnecting with lapsed patients can be a valuable source of income for your aesthetic clinic. With GoEXELA’s easy way to communicate with lapsed patients via email, SMS, or messenger, you can make them offers to return and generate more revenue. By identifying lapsed patients, sending personalized messages, avoiding being pushy, and following up regularly, you can build a relationship that makes your clinic stand out and encourages patients to book their next appointment. Contact GoEXELA today to see how you can increase revenue by reconnecting with lapsed patients.

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