January 12


Introducing Enhanced Template Sharing Across Agencies! 🚀🚀

By David Holland

January 12, 2024

The Template Library has been upgraded to allow easy sharing of templates between agencies. This improvement aims to simplify collaboration, encourage creativity, and promote best practices within the user community. Previously, sharing templates was challenging, but now users can effortlessly share and import templates. The benefits include effortless collaboration, time savings, and the ability to import ready-made templates. To share a template, Agency A can access the Template Library, select the desired template, generate a shareable link, and customize access settings. The link can then be securely shared with Agency B. To import the template, Agency B simply needs to receive the shared link and use it to directly import the template. It is important to update access settings and exercise caution when sharing the link for security purposes. Only Agency Admins can create shareable links. This feature is expected to greatly enhance collaboration and productivity among users. Start sharing templates across agencies to elevate collective creative efforts.

David Holland

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