January 23


Unlocking Business Growth: How to Win Back Your Lapsed Patients

By Oliver Corless

January 23, 2024

Running an aesthetic clinic can be a challenging task, which requires a lot of attention to detail, not just in treating your patients but also in maintaining a good relationship with them even after they leave your clinic. Your lapsed patients are an often-overlooked source of valuable income that you can tap into with a little effort. Through GoEXELA, you can revitalise your patient base and boost your clinic’s revenue by reengaging your inactive patients with creative marketing campaigns.

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to lapsed patients. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people get easily distracted, leading them to forget about the little things like their follow-up appointments, resulting in a missed opportunity for you and your clinic. GoEXELA’s automated recall system features an easy way to communicate with your lapsed patients via email, SMS, or messenger. This feature can notify them of important updates, informative articles, seasonal discounts, and special offers, giving them more reasons to come back and avail of your services again.

Personalised offers can also be a great way to entice your lapsed patients back into your clinic. GoEXELA’s system allows you to customise your content, so your patients will receive an email or text message tailored to their specific needs. You can also offer them loyalty points to encourage them to revisit your clinic regularly. This technique ensures a higher return rate and happy returning patients.

Another great way to attract your lapsed patients back into your practice is to offer them promotions and discounts on your services. Through GoEXELA’s automated marketing campaigns, you can create exclusive discounts for your lapsed patients, giving them an incentive to avail of your services again. This strategy can increase your patient base, positively impact your word-of-mouth marketing, and drive more sales for your clinic.

One of the most significant advantages of GoEXELA’s recall system is that it can help build your reputation and improve your online presence. By reconnecting with your lapsed patients, you earn their trust and loyalty intentionally, and these satisfied patients will appreciate the extra effort you put in to serve them better. Happy patients are your best referrals and can share their experiences with their friends and families, leading to new patients and repeat business.

As an aesthetic clinic owner, it is vital to understand the importance of reconnecting with your lapsed patients. The automated recall system in GoEXELA enables you to re-engage with your patients easily and get them back through your doors. Customisable emails, SMS, or messenger promotions and loyalty points will help you reconnect with your lost patients and keep them engaged with your services. Successfully bringing back lost patients requires a little effort, but the potential returns are enormous, and the process is effortless and convenient with GoEXELA. Start winning back your lapsed patients today and watch your clinic grow.

Oliver Corless

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