The Workflow Builder in GoEXELA is a user-friendly tool designed to streamline and automate various processes. Here are its key features:

Infinite Canvas Layout

Offers "Fit to Screen" and "Zoom In/Zoom Out" options for easy navigation, along with a Minimap for position tracking

Add New Trigger

Users can easily add triggers to initiate workflows by selecting from a list and configuring them

Add New Action

Includes a simple "+" button to access and configure a list of workflow actions

Stats View

Allows viewing Email and SMS stats directly in the builder, with an option to open detailed statistics

Test Workflow

Features a "Test Workflow" button for selecting contacts and running workflow tests

Save Workflow

Includes a straightforward "Save" button to secure any unsaved changes

Version History

Users can view the history of changes made to their workflows


Provides a toggle to publish workflows or revert them to draft status