GoEXELA offers a range of features designed to streamline scheduling and enhance team collaboration:

Scheduling Link Creation

Easily connect your calendar to create scheduling links and booking pages based on your availability, allowing others to book time with you in just one click

Team-Based Scheduling

Customize booking links for various event types and include team members in the scheduling process, ensuring meetings are routed to the appropriate people

Room & Equipment Booking

Account the the need for additional resources to be available when booking

Workflows and Integrations

Connect with your existing tools and processes, including CRMs, video conferencing, and billing platforms, to send reminders and follow-ups

Website Embedding

Embed into your website for easy, one-click booking, increasing your speed-to-lead

Lead Routing

Book qualified meetings instantly from your website and match leads to reps based on real-time sales team assignments

Automated Communication

Send personalized emails and texts to prospects before and after meetings automatically

Calendar Coordination

 Integrate with multiple calendars from Google, Microsoft, and Apple to streamline scheduling

Meeting Analytics:

Access insights on popular meeting times, top performers, and in-demand meeting types

Admin Management

Manage your organization’s users and scheduling processes centrally

Security and Compliance

Safeguarding company data and meeting compliance requirements