SMS Chat

Chat with customers and prospects from your website.

2-Way SMS Chat

Enhances user engagement by allowing customers to continue conversations even after leaving the website. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates.

Easy Installation Without Technical Skills

Accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise. This means businesses can quickly implement the widget without needing specialized IT support, saving time and resources.

Workflow Triggers for Chat Widget

Enables automated notifications when a conversation is initiated, ensuring prompt responses and efficient communication management. This helps in maintaining a high level of customer service and operational efficiency.

Variety of Internal Notification Options (Email, In-app, SMS)

 Provides flexibility in how businesses receive alerts about customer interactions. This customization ensures that businesses can respond quickly in a manner that suits their workflow, thereby improving response times and customer engagement.

Live Chat

Real-Time Communication

Facilitates direct and instant communication between website visitors and users, bridging the gap and promoting meaningful engagements

Non-Intrusive and Convenient

 Improves customer engagement by providing immediate assistance, thereby reducing response times and significantly enhancing customer satisfaction

Customizable Chat Widget

Offers flexibility to personalize the chat widget's appearance and functionality, including avatars, color schemes, and legal messages, which enhances the user experience and aligns with brand identity

Integrated Conversations Module

Enables seamless real-time communication without the need for separate platforms. Includes manual actions like requesting contact details for extended communication and the ability to end chats efficiently, ensuring precise control over interactions