Your Gateway to Advanced Reporting and Data Mastery

The power of data-driven decision-making cannot be overstated. That's where GoEXELA CRM steps in - a revolutionary tool designed to transform your data into actionable insights. With our cutting-edge reporting features, GoEXELA is more than just a CRM; it's your partner in navigating the complexities of today's market landscapes.

Whether you're tracking digital marketing campaigns, analysing sales performance, or understanding customer interactions, GoEXELA CRM offers unparalleled versatility in reporting. From Google and Facebook Ads analysis to detailed attribution, call, appointment, and agent reporting - our platform equips you with the tools to not only gather data but to interpret it effectively across various time frames.

Dive into the world of GoEXELA CRM and experience how our advanced reporting capabilities can propel your business towards success. Discover the ease of extracting meaningful insights from complex data, and see how these revelations can lead to smarter, faster, and more effective business strategies.

Join us on this journey and redefine the way you interact with data. Welcome to GoEXELA CRM - where every report opens a new door to opportunity.

Customizable Time Frames

With GoEXELA, you're in control. Whether you need daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual reports, our system adapts to your specific time frame requirements, providing you with the insights you need, when you need them.

Tailor reports to suit your business cycle, allowing for precise performance tracking and trend analysis. This flexibility ensures you always have relevant and timely data at your fingertips.

Google Ads Reporting

Track and analyse your Google Ads performance effortlessly. Our detailed reports offer insights into click-through rates, conversion data, and ROI, helping you optimize your ad campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Gain a clear understanding of your Google Ads campaign effectiveness. This feature helps you optimize ad spend, improve targeting, and increase your overall marketing ROI.

Facebook Ads Reporting

Dive deep into your Facebook advertising efforts. Understand your audience engagement, measure ad performance, and refine your strategy for enhanced social media impact.

Enhance your social media strategy with detailed insights into Facebook ad performance. This leads to better audience engagement and more effective, data-driven ad placements.

Attribution Reporting

Discover which marketing channels are driving the most conversions. Our attribution reporting helps you allocate your resources effectively, ensuring the best return on investment.

Understand the customer journey and pinpoint which marketing channels are most effective. This knowledge allows for smarter budget allocation and a stronger marketing strategy.

Call Reporting

Stay on top of your customer interactions with comprehensive call reporting. Track call durations, outcomes, and follow-up activities, enabling better customer service and sales strategies.

Keep a close eye on customer interactions to refine communication strategies, improve customer service, and boost sales effectiveness

Appointment Reporting

Monitor the effectiveness of your appointments. Analyse show rates, rescheduling trends, and outcome successes to improve your scheduling and meeting strategies.

Analyze and optimize your appointment scheduling and outcomes. This leads to better time management, improved client engagement, and increased operational efficiency.

Agent Reporting

Empower your team with individual performance insights. Track metrics like sales numbers, call quality, and customer feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and success.

Track and enhance individual agent performance. This feature aids in identifying training opportunities, motivating staff, and ultimately driving higher productivity and better customer experiences.