Content Management in Communities, as featured on the GoEXELA Portal, offers a robust set of tools for creating, managing, and engaging with community content. This feature is designed to foster dynamic interactions and maintain a vibrant community atmosphere.

Here are its key components:

Group Channels

These thematic or topic-based categories aid in organizing discussions and facilitating relevant conversations within a community group. Only admins have the privilege to create these channels.


Serving as the main form of content, members can create rich posts associated with specific channels. These posts can include texts, images, videos, and other attachments, offering a comprehensive means of sharing information and sparking discussions.

Home Timeline

This central hub displays posts from all members across all channels, providing an overview of the group's activities and keeping members informed about the latest conversations and developments.

Embedding Videos

Community posts can include videos from various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Loom, making the content more engaging and interactive.


The feature supports including different file formats such as images, GIFs, and other media in posts, enriching the content.

Comments and Likes

These are crucial for driving engagement within the group, allowing members to comment on posts and express their appreciation through likes.

Post Deletion

Admins and moderators can delete any posts that violate community guidelines. Members also have the right to delete their posts and comments.