LC - Email is a comprehensive email service solution designed for agencies, eliminating the need to sign up with third-party email service providers like Mailgun. Here's a summary of its features and benefits:

Ease of Use

LC - Email allows for sending and receiving emails right out of the box on every subaccount, offering a streamlined setup process without the need for third-party integration

Superior Service Quality

As an email service provider hosted by the CRM, LC - Email boasts excellent deliverability, error monitoring, and better compliance, ensuring reliable and efficient email communication


It offers competitive pricing at $0.675 per 1000 emails, which is lower than most major SMTP providers, such as MailGun which charges $0.80/1000 emails. 

Email Verification Feature

Agencies can also opt for email verification services with LC - Email at $2.50 per 1000 email verifications, a much cheaper rate compared to Mailgun's $12.00/1000

Ramp-Up Model

LC - Email follow a "Ramp-Up Model," where the email limit increases each day until the 8th day. After this period, shared domain accounts have a limit of 15,000 emails/day, while dedicated domain accounts can send up to 150,000 emails/day

Flexibility with Third-Party SMTP Integration

Although LC - Email is the default option, it also allows for the integration of third-party SMTP providers at any time, offering flexibility for different agency needs