Comprehensive Phone System

The LC - Phone System offers a comprehensive solution for telephony services within a CRM, with several notable features and benefits:

Third-Party Telephony Provider Elimination

It removes the need for using a separate telephony provider for SMS and calls within the CRM. This integration simplifies operations, as everything works seamlessly within the CRM right from the start.

Service Quality

 LC - Phone boasts incredible deliverability, error monitoring, and better compliance. These features ensure reliable and secure communication for users

Ease of Integration

Previously, agencies using CRM had to sign up for Twilio and integrate it into the CRM, a process that required advanced knowledge. LC - Phone eliminates this complexity, making it easier for agencies to get started with sending and receiving SMS/calls immediately

Enhanced Security and Functionality

 It offers increased security with real-time error monitoring and improved delivery rates through in-app features like Opt-out and SenderID addition. Additionally, most of the features are available in-app, reducing the need to manage different platforms


The pricing of LC - Phone is the same as Twilio but offers a 10% discount on select categories, making it a more affordable option. The billing is streamlined, with charges being applied directly to the agency's billing tab

Overall, LC - Phone System provides a more integrated, secure, and cost-effective solution for telephony services within CRMs, particularly benefiting agencies that require a simple yet powerful tool for their communication needs.