Proposals & Estimates

Our Payments Proposal and Estimate Management Tool is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for crafting detailed service outlines and cost agreements. With a versatile document builder that includes text, images, videos, tables, and more, this tool simplifies and enhances professional business communication.

Versatile Document Builder

  • Feature: Incorporate text, images, videos, tables, and more in your documents.
  • Benefit: Create rich, engaging proposals and estimates that clearly communicate your value proposition.
  • Digital Signatures and Document State Management

  • Feature: Utilize digital signatures and manage document states (Draft, Waiting for Others, Finalized).
  • Benefit: Streamline the approval process and maintain control over the document lifecycle.
  • Proposal and Estimate Management

  • Feature: Easily manage all proposals and estimates through an organized overview.
  • Benefit: Stay on top of your business communications with efficient management tools.
  • Filters and Date Range

    • Feature: Filter documents by date range and status.
    • Benefit: Quickly find the documents you need, saving time and enhancing productivity.

    Easy Editing and Cloning

    • Feature: Edit, clone, delete, or mark documents as completed with an intuitive action menu.
    • Benefit: Adapt and reuse content effortlessly, perfect for handling repetitive tasks or templates.

    Downloadable PDFs

    • Feature: Download documents as PDFs, preserving formatting.
    • Benefit: Ensure consistent, professional presentation of your proposals and estimates.

    Estimate Creation

    • Feature: Quickly create estimates with essential cost information.
    • Benefit: Provide prospective clients with clear, concise cost projections.

    Comprehensive Proposal Creation

    • Feature: Develop detailed proposals addressing client-specific needs and solutions.
    • Benefit: Enhance your chances of winning clients with tailored, persuasive proposals.

    Customizable Editor’s Page

    • Feature: Drag and drop elements in the Editor's page to build your documents.
    • Benefit: Enjoy a flexible, user-friendly interface for personalized document creation

    Dynamic Document Elements

    • Feature: Add and customize various elements like text, images, videos, and tables.
    • Benefit: Craft documents that are not only informative but also visually appealing and engaging

    Product List and Pricing Options

    • Feature: Include a product list with itemized pricing, quantity, and subtotal.
    • Benefit: Present a clear, organized breakdown of services offered, enhancing client understanding and trust

    Discount Application

    • Feature: Apply custom amount or percentage discounts.
    • Benefit: Offer flexible pricing and promotions to attract and retain clients.

    Page Break and Signature Elements

    • Feature: Insert page breaks for better readability and accept digital signatures.
    • Benefit: Create professional, easy-to-navigate documents that expedite agreement processes.

    Document Variables for Templating

    • Feature: Use document variables for dynamic content control and templating.
    • Benefit: Automate document creation, saving time and reducing errors.