Data Visualization with Custom Widgets

In today's fast-paced business environment, having a dashboard that not only displays key metrics but also aligns perfectly with your unique workflow is essential. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest feature - Custom Widgets! This innovative tool is designed to transform your dashboard experience, offering a level of personalization and efficiency that standard data tools simply can't match.

With Custom Widgets, you have the power to create a dashboard that not only looks great but also provides actionable insights tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you're tracking sales opportunities, managing customer contacts, overseeing appointments, or analysing general business metrics, our widgets act as your data allies. They are meticulously designed to help you analyse and present information in the most efficient and understandable way.

Embrace the freedom to customize, analyse, and display your data like never before. Let's dive into how Custom Widgets can revolutionize your dashboard experience!

Widgets - Your Data Allies


Widgets are your data superheroes, simplifying the analysis and presentation of information. They come in various categories like Contacts, Appointments, Opportunities, and General, equipped to handle different data types.


  • Contacts Widgets: Effortlessly manage and analyze new leads, optimizing your customer engagement.
  • Appointment Widgets: Enhance team and customer meeting schedules for better time management.
  • Opportunity Widgets: Gain valuable insights into deal statuses and monetary values, helping in decision-making.
  • General Widgets: Access predefined data and performance reports, streamlining your analytics.

Supported Chart Types

  • Numeric/Count, Donut, Line, Bar, and Horizontal Bar charts, offering versatile visualization options.

Customizing Widgets - Tailored Insights


Customize widgets to fit your unique needs, with options to adjust titles, metrics, groups, views, breakdowns, date properties, ranges, order, and limits.


  • Flexible Configuration: Personalize every aspect of your widget for more relevant insights.
  • Widget Condition Operators: Fine-tune data selection with operators like 'Is', 'Is not', 'Is one of', and 'Is none of', for precise data filtering.

Edit Mode - Master Your Dashboard


Rearrange, edit, and reposition widgets in edit mode to create a dashboard that aligns perfectly with your workflow.


  • Customized Workflow: Adapt the dashboard to suit your specific work style, enhancing productivity.
  • Effortless Organization: Easily manage and update your dashboard for up-to-date data visualization.

Use Cases

  • Contact Widgets: Track contact growth, distribution by tags, activities, type, assigned user, and company names.
  • Appointment Widgets: Monitor total, status-specific, booked, confirmed, and no-show appointments, plus analyze trends.
  • Opportunity Widgets: Keep tabs on open, won, lost, and abandoned opportunities, along with their monetary values.
  • General Widgets: Get insights into opportunity statuses, values, conversion rates, sales funnels, task assignments, manual actions, lead sources, and ad campaign performances.