Pricing Tailored for Your Success: Unlock the Power of GoEXELA Without Breaking the Bank

Your success is our top priority. We empower local businesses by simplifying the complex, allowing you to focus on what matters. Our intuitive platform helps you manage marketing tasks effortlessly, from tracking customer interactions to automating emails and scheduling social media posts. With GoEXELA, we provide the tools to amplify your business's impact. Let us help you turn simple actions into meaningful success.

All-in-One Platform

Get ALL the tools to support your business.  One monthly subscription. Include ALL future updates!

There is a month fee of £97 plus VAT

This includes unlimited contacts and unlimited users!!!!

Kick Start Included.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Set up is 100% FREE.

If at any point during the Kick Start you feel you have make a mistake and do not wish to continue we will cancel the application and refund the initial payment.

*check out the full price detailed on the pricing page


What is included in the Kick Start

We include three 1-hour calls in the Kickstart.  Each is approximately 1 hour in length.

Call 1 - Technical Set Up.  During this online session you will be guided to:

  • Set up your business profile
  • Connect a domain
  • Create a dedicated email domain
  • Connect the calendars
  • Get a SMS phone number
  • Download the mobile app
  • Connect social accounts

Call 2/3 - Highest Priority marketing objectives.  We will discuss your highest priority/quick wins marketing objectives and implement the technology to support them.

Can I get further assistance

In addition to the 24/7 live chat support provided in-app, EXELA offers a membership assistance programme.  This programme is designed to help clients really get the must from the power of the software through practical marketing and sales processes and coaching.  We work with our clients to develop a powerful project plan that support the needs of your business. 

What are micro payments

Micro payments are the pennies or fractions of pennies you will pay for using the communication methods like SMS, Email, WhatsApp or the AI Tool.

These are charged on a usage basis as that is the fairest way to keep the costs real for everyone. You only pay for what you use.

We have negotiated fantastic rates from the big ISP's and Comm vendors, that we pass on to you.

How much are micro payments

SMS cost 3.2p per segment, 

Phone calls cost 5.6p per minutes to make and 3.4p per minute to receive.

Email cost 0.27p each. (That's 27 per 1000).  Email verification 1p per email

Content AI is 3.6p per 1000 words

Conversation AI is 8p per message

Review AI is 32p per response.

There are a bunch of other integration and cool tools that have micro payments.  For example Zapier charges 4p per task.

None of these should put up off.  They are tiny.

What is included in the Set Up

There are two components to getting set up.  The first is to connect your platform with all your business account.  For example, Google or Outlook, Stripe, Social Accounts, etc,.  We do this during a short online screen share call with you.  You will need to be on a computer (not phone of tablet) and be able to authorise connections be agreeing to the prompts. It is simple as clicking buttons and we guide you through the process. 

You can see a list of the integration here. Please make sure you know your passwords and can log into your accounts.

During the second scheduled call with one of our coaches we will make sure you know how to use the platform and we will set up some automations to make your business more effective and efficient. 

Both these sessions are FREE to you.  However you do need to book in and turn up.  

Are there any hidden costs

We hope not!

You get use of the platform features as described while you pay your subscription. The micro payments are charged on a fair rate consumption basis. 

Set Up /onboarding is free.

If you want bespoke done-for-you development we will scope this out with you free of charge.  We will quote and get your agreement for any work we do for you.  We try very hard to keep your costs to a minimum and you should never be surprised.

How do I get help

You can get help at any time by using the chat widget inside the platform. (bottom left corner). Here you will find comprehensive help guides AND be able to chat with a live agent (real human) who will help you.

You can get further help to develop your system by emailing  You will receive an email back from a coach who will set up an online meeting with you.