Course Builder

Course Creation Options

Offers templates (Sprint, Marathon, Membership) or custom course building, providing flexibility and creativity in course design.

Course Product Generation

Easy naming and saving of courses, streamlining the course creation process.

Payment Processor Integration

Connect with Stripe to easily collect payments, enhancing customer convenience and transaction efficiency.

Editable Courses

Options to edit, preview, customize, or clone courses, offering versatility and control in course management.

Price Setting

Ability to set course prices, enabling revenue generation and pricing strategy implementation.

Category and Subcategory Addition

 Create and organize course content into categories and subcategories for better structure and navigability.

Lesson Addition and Customization

Add and edit lessons with options for video uploads, detailed lesson information, and visibility settings, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Assessment Integration

 Include quizzes and assignments with customizable settings, enhancing the learning process through evaluation.

Visibility Modes

Draft, Publish, Locked, and Drip modes provide control over course accessibility and progression.

Course Customization

Personalize course details, instructor information, and visual elements, creating a unique and professional look.

Advanced Features

  1. Modify the theme layout for a personalized course appearance.

Theme Customization

Modify the theme layout for a personalized course appearance.

Product Offers

Link and manage course offers, facilitating promotional strategies and sales opportunities.

Comment Viewing

Monitor and manage comments on lessons and assessments, ensuring effective student engagement and feedback.

This tool offers a comprehensive solution for creating and managing online courses, providing extensive customization, organizational features, and monetization options to enhance both the teaching and learning experience.