March 19


LC Phone Fraud Protect

By Oliver Corless

March 19, 2024

1. New limits for cards at agency/sub-account level to prevent spamming. Maximum of 3 cards allowed with a daily try limit of 5, needing support for new card additions.
2. Revised ramp-up model for sub-accounts with 8 levels instead of 7, starting on the day of first successful SMS. Limits apply, with restrictions for hitting daily message limits and changes to SMS counting and restrictions.
3. International messaging restrictions in place to prevent fraud, allowing messages only when from and to numbers have the same country code, with exceptions for US and limited application for Canada, requiring A2P registration for international messaging.
4. Implementation of content filtering to identify disallowed content messages internally to prevent sending to Twilio and safeguard messaging campaigns.

Oliver Corless

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